A Heart for the Women

Orientation was good. It prepared me for the tasks we would be completing. Watching the prayer walking video was helpful, especially for me since that was my focus while the guys handed out [gifts]. Our prayer time…the day before we left for Abu Dhabi was amazing! I could feel the Holy Spirit while we prayed and it was such an encouragement.

I have had an amazing experience! I have been stretched more than I could have ever imagined. I was a little disappointed in the beginning when I found out I wouldn’t necessarily be able to hand out [gifts] to the men, but it was a great experience to see how the Lord used me in other ways on the team.

I felt like [the amount of work] was at a pretty good level. The heat drained the energy right out of me, so it was good to have rest time. I would have liked to do more prayer walking like we did through the neighborhoods. I feel like we should have done more of this at the beginning of our trip.

[This experience] definitely [increased my awareness of the needs of the people groups that were our focus]. I had many misconceptions and stereotypes formed about the people group, so it was good for me to taste a little bit of their lifestyle. They are such a nice and hospitable group of people, and I really enjoyed spending time with them… even though it was uncomfortable for me at times as a woman. It was also good for me to walk through their neighborhoods to see how they live.

After experiencing this culture as a woman, my heart really breaks for the women actually living in this culture. I will never forget how I felt the night in Oman at the mosque. It didn’t necessarily hurt my feelings that I couldn’t stand in the front, but it broke my heart for the women. It made their life real to me & I am so thankful the Lord had me placed in that situation. It helped me know how to better pray for the women of the Islamic culture.
YES! [I would like to come back again with a team]. I feel like I have a home here! I would come whenever the Lord provides, with absolutely no hesitation! I love it here!

[The volunteer dressed up in local clothes just for a fun night out!]

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