Changing Hearts

This year well over 1500 people have received life changing messages around the Middle East among Afghani and Pakistani peoples. They are starting to respond to His word and some have asked for other items to learn more life changing teachings. We have discovered some long term followers of Jesus (Isa) and some new followers of Isa among some of the peoples. Most of these folks are illiterate. Some of these followers of Isa are now getting to listen to the New Testament and they are very excited to hear His Word in it’s entirety for the first time.

This is both a testimony and a prayer request. First, this response is very new among these people and your prayers are needed for their boldness and courage to keep responding to His Word. Secondly, some are getting bold enough to share with friends and they need your prayers as persecution is sure to follow. Thirdly, some have yet to listen or respond to the messages they have received. Pray God would stir their hearts to begin to listen and respond to His New Hope. Thank You.

–The StoryTeller

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