Wet Cement

Let the (Afghan) Children Come to Me

As the title of a book I read in seminary states, “Children are wet cement”.  This has been so apparent in December, not that I ever doubted it, though. I had the privilege of spending time with children several times during the month of December.  Before Christmas the school year ended for the summer holiday and then a new school year will begin in early February.


Before Christmas I took three of my believing friends’ children with me to help me deliver Christmas cards and gifts to my Afghan friends.  I just had the boys take turns putting these in my friends’ mailboxes.


Another day I had two Hazara brothers ages 9 and 12 come to my house and make cookies, have lunch and then deliver them to one of our sick friends.  Hardly a time with these boys ever goes by that they don’t ask the most amazing spiritual questions.  This time was no exception.  I shared the Gospel story with them.  They hung on to the words as we walked down the street together.  It was so natural.  They asked the questions and I just answered them.


Boxing Day I had only planned to have my believing friends’ children for about five hours in the afternoon.  It turned out to be not only that but overnight as well.  Even though I was tired it became a wonderful time.  That n ight I read/told them the younger boy’s (age 6) favorite Bible story, Daniel in the lions’ den.  As they lay on the bedroom floor before going to sleep I was able to apply the story to their situation since the younger boy was afraid that a monster or burglar would break into my house in the middle of the night.  We prayed and they slept soundly.


Teachable moments…I rarely get these with the adults that I know.  Their lives are cement, too, but often I think that it has already hardened.  The spiritual cement of children’s lives is still wet and moldable.

Lady Nightingale

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