Broken Locks

For many Muslims, their faith binds them. They are locked in by the beliefs that traditions and rituals will restore them before God’s eyes. When they do come to believe in salvation through Christ alone, it is a liberating experience.

One muslim young man from North Pakistan shared his story of recently coming to faith in Jesus. Excited, he told his family and became very outspoken about his new faith. In response, his family took a knife and cut his foot from top to bottom.  They told him, “We have done this to make you lame so you can not go around sharing Jesus with others in the community.”  Later, they locked him in a room with a padlock. For days, he was alone and destitute; his only comfort was the Father.

One day when he was praying, he heard a big thud. He was surprised to see the door opened. The lock had broke and fallen to the floor. The Lord made safe his escape, being seen by no one. He fled to the Gulf where God provided work for him. It is here he met a group of other believers who took him in and discipled him. Still new to the faith, he has been given the Injil (the Gospel) by one of the groups. Upon meeting him, we also gave him evangelistic audio cassettes to help strengthen his walk. Worshiping together in the labor camps, he is growing as he fellowships amongst brothers in Christ.

Pray that he may continue to be as bold in faith, as when he first discovered Christ.

–Mac Man


Read about Paul and Silas set free in prison by an earthquake:

Listen to Paul and Silas’ story from Acts 16 in the Afghan language of Dari (or share this with a friend):

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