From Broken Locks to Broken Bones

Recently, I shared the story of a young man, who I will call Timothy, who converted from Islam to faith in Christ. His story can be found here “Broken Locks”. Having been freed from the abuse of his family, he has been growing in faith under the discipleship of brothers in Christ. A few days ago, Timothy’s cousin from Pakistan came to visit him. Upon discovering his faith in Jesus, the  Muslim cousin violently beat this young man, then grabbed his Bible and threw it on the ground. “Your book is a lie, your God is wrong. I am right!”

Timothy was hurt but he did not retaliate. He had suffered for his faith before and now it was happening again. He did not give up hope however and called his spiritual mentor. He relayed this story and also sought discipleship and encouragement. Lifted up, Timothy was able to continue to deal with his cousin in Christlikeness.

Not too long afterwards, the cousin was involved in an accident and broke his leg. His immediate belief was this was connected to his mistreating the Bible. While Islam typically discourages superstition, many Muslims are very superstitious and follow folk Islam. Whether it is his misplaced superstition or perhaps divine wrath, it matters not. God used this accident to humble the cousin. The cousin went back to Timothy, taking the Bible and kissing it, saying, “I am sorry, your God is right and I am wrong.” This Muslim man is at the beginning of a journey that may lead to his salvation.

Please pray for the cousin, that Timothy and others will pour into him, evangelizing and giving him discipleship.

Pray for Timothy that he may continue to be a bold witness, even in the face of suffering. Pray that he may receive encouragement and continue to increase in his faith.

–Mac Man

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