The Good Shepherd

The other day I went to meet with a new group of believers outside of one of the cities near their labor camp.  It was a mixed group of Nepalese and mostly guys from North Pakistan. These guys are often very lonely and need encouragement.  They wanted me to share the Word with them and God prompted me to share the Parable of the Lost Sheep with them.  We talked about how the farmer represented God and the lost sheep represented each of them that had been lost who Jesus came and found.  Then we talked about how they often feel very alone as a follower of Isa (Jesus) living among thousands of Muslims, some Hindus, and some Seiks. It is easy for them to feel like one detached from the ninety nine but our Good Shepherd is always with them.

However, when they come together as believers, they feel the encouragement of being with the other sheep and they all smiled and were encouraged.  Then we talked about how many lost people are all around them and that Jesus wants them to bring these lost people to him just like “the farmer” went out and found each one of them when they were lost.  Jesus said he did not come to do His own will but to do the will of the One (his Father) who sent him. (John6:38-40)  We too need to be about going after the lost sheep and bringing them to Jesus. The men hung on every word and said to come again.



Read about the Good Shepherd in John 10.

Listen to John 10 in Dari.


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