Go and Make Disciples, pt 1

Reaching into Lostness

In the 1800′s, Hudson Taylor and C.T. Studd left their homelands by ship to travel for months to arrive in China, India, and Central Africa to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who had never heard about him.   They nearly lost their lives just making the journey to these foreign lands. Once they arrived, they were subjects to all kinds of perils: illnesses, tumultuous weather, poor living conditions, dangers of the local people that didn’t like the “foreign devils,”  unwelcoming governments, wars, wild animals,  the list was very long…  Yet these men and their families, stayed the course and clung to God for their very lives.

After years of trials and difficulties, they prevailed in sharing Jesus with their host peoples.  Eventually they went back to their home countries and told others about the dire need for more willing men and women come share Jesus with the  millions of desperately lost souls in China, India, and Africa. They also did not hesitate to share just how difficult a task that the journey had been and will continue to be.   Yet, other followers of Jesus began to have broken hearts for the millions of lost people in those foreign lands that had never heard of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and they began to join in with Hudson Taylor and C.T. Studd in their quest to carry the gospel to people who had never heard.   Today, there are millions of Chinese followers of Christ, there are millions of African believers in Jesus, and their are millions of Indians who now proclaim Jesus is their Lord.

Millions of Afghans Have Never Heard

I come to you today, to tell you there are millions of Afghan peoples all over the world who have never heard the Good News that Jesus Christ died for them and wants to forgive them of their sins.   Sixteen million of them live outside their homelands all over the world.  They are lost, often lonely, andOne lost Afghan among Millions often work the poorest of jobs with meager living conditions and are treated as despised people by many. They have a bad reputation because a small percentage of their people have chosen to live out acts of hatred towards the rest of mankind, including their very own people.  Afghans in their homelands have lived hundreds of years in the turmoil of wars, poverty, and difficulty.  It has become a hopeless way of life for many.  However, 16million of them have fled their  homelands to look for a better life.  From wherever you are reading this note, some of them probably live in your community, state, and for sure in your country.   You have an opportunity to offer them hope that will change their life today and for eternity!

From Every Tribe, Tongue, People, and Nation

–The StoryTeller

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