No Retirement

Recently, I had the great privilege of getting to visit a labor camp during a volunteer project. During initial planning, there were supposed to be 4 volunteers. Due to circumstances, I was left with 2 gentlemen both in their 60′s. Despite the intense nature of working in a labor camp and high heat, they faithfully carried out the project.

I never carry any expectations but trust in the Father to do His works, however small or great (to our eyes). I was pleasantly surprised at the first stop to see the intensity in  which they engaged Afghans. In under 10 minutes, over half the day’s work had been completed. In only a few short hours, these 2 men had done the work of 4. Nearly 300 Afghans had been reached with Good News!

When Christ called us to go testify, there were no exceptions for age, gender, or any other excuse. There is no retirement from the Great Commission. Rather, we are to be like the boy who offered his small lunch that God turned into a feast for thousands.

God can use us wherever we are!

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