Revealer of Dreams

During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims seek to draw closer to God and do penance for their sins of the last year. It is a time when they are seeking to know the truth and find favor with God. Please pray each day until it’s conclusion that they will discover the truth about Isa (Jesus) and learn about forgiveness of sin that is found only by the shed blood of Jesus who sacrificed His own perfect life as the only truly acceptable permanent payment for their sins and ours.

Ramadan is a time when followers of Islam pray for dreams where God will reveal himself to them and give them guidance. Pray that they will truly encounter God in their dreams and learn of His love for them through His Holy Spirit who is the revealer of His love and the Counselor who guides us to His eternal truth.

Ramadan can be a time when Satan deceives Muslims or a time when God reveals the truth of His eternal Son. There have been many Muslims who have come to faith in Christ over the years when they have sought God to know the truth and dreamed dreams where they encountered Jesus. Pray with us that Ramadan this year will be a time when thousands seek Him with an open heart that truly wants to know the truth and that they discover who Isa really is placing their faith in Him. Your prayers can make a difference whether they are deceived by Satan or whether they truly encounter God with an open heart. Mark your calendars now so you remember to pray each day of Ramadan.

–The StoryTeller

Name of God:

The Revealer of dreams and mysteries — but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries.


From Wikipedia

The Islamic day starts after sunset. The actual and estimated start and end dates for Ramadan in 2005–2015 were and are as follows:

CE / AD AH First day Last day
2005 1426 4 October 2 November
2006 1427 24 September 23 October
2007 1428 13 September 12 October
2008 1429 1 September 30 September
2009 1430[1] 22 August 20 September
2010 1431[1] 11 August 9 September
2011 1432[1] 1 August 29 August
2012 1433[1] 20 July 18 August
2013 1434[1] 9 July 7 August
2014 1435[1] 28 June 27 July
2015 1436[1] 18 June 16 July
Ramadan dates between 2005 and 2015

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