A Fresh Start

Only a few weeks ago, the world heralded in the year 2011, as New Year’s Eve passed. As mentioned before, I had been working the past several weeks on getting out over 2000 gifts to needy Afghans and other peoples. Its been a large task but nothing is too large for our Lord. While there are still a few left overs, I’ve seen over 1800 go out since the beginning. There were numerous hardships and often I questioned whether things would work, but God was always there. Time and time again, He would show that His hand was in it all. Volunteers stepped up and people showed up to receive their Christmas (and then later New Year’s) gift.

Around New Year’s time, its a tradition of ours to make a resolution. To commit to making a change that will better ourselves. I ask that you pray for the Afghans who received gifts during this time. My prayer request is that as they listen to the Good News, they will also see the need to make a change. However, pray that their change will be an eternal one of entrusting their lives to Christ Jesus. It is in Him, that we can all receive a fresh start and be cleansed, white as snow.

–Mac Man

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