It’s About Beauty

Today I stumbled upon a blog written by an Afghan lady named Sara Basharmal who was brought up and currently studies in London. Her insightful blog gives vivid, first hand, heartfelt information about Afghan women in Afghanistan and those living abroad. She’s written a series of articles that you may be interested in reading, such as:

Behind the Burqa–an article about Afghan fashion in which she includes fantastic photos and the following quote: “I want to show people that Afghanistan is not all about war, orphanages and Burqas. It’s also about textiles, history and culture. It’s about beauty”  – Zolaykha Sherzad

Young Musicians–an article about Afghan music and Afghan musicians/singers (both the history of and present day) including links to modern samples.

Book ReviewOn the Road to Kandahar by Jason Burke.

I look forward to keeping up with what Sara is blogging about.

Lady of Prayer

One thought on “It’s About Beauty

  1. Thankyou for the appreciation. 🙂 I’m glad you liked my posts. I didn’t actually think anyone was reading it. Your blog looks really interesting and I will soon try to read all the posts inshAllah.

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