In Search of a Better Life

Many Afghans leave their homeland in search of a better life. Some leave for a short time period for education or work abroad in order to either help their families back home financially or to return to Afghanistan to improve their country and to improve life for the next generation.

Please pray that those leaving to find jobs and provide for their families will find good jobs and will not be taken advantage of by bad employers.

Please pray that children who have been over the years moving from country to country will find help, mercy, grace, understanding, education, work, and truth.

Please pray that those who have gone abroad for education, will not only become well-educated for the purposes of getting a good job or career, but will find the way, the truth, and the life. Pray that they also seek ways to return and improve life for those left behind.

Excerpt from a Creative Commons photo.

Last month, I shared some links to some great articles by Sara Basharmal (an Afghan lady who lives and studies in the UK). She has written a great article admonishing and encouraging young Afghans who have gone abroad for education:

A Message to My People

Within this article, she provides a link to a BBC News article about young boys and teenagers who have fled from Afghanistan. She also posted an article in which she reviews a documentary called Women, Weddings, War, and Me.

If you have not yet viewed the video on our blog called Ruins to Redemption,please do so now and take a moment to pray for these beautiful ones whom God loves.


Web link for Afghans:

If you are an Afghan visiting our blog, you are a welcome guest here. If you like drama, music, and learning about Isa, consider checking out the Dramatized New Testament (Injeel).

Lady of Prayer

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