A Gift Well-Received

Mac Man’s friends wanted to come for a visit and be a blessing to others. So, he took them out and about to shops and bazaars to give gifts.   Thirty minutes after dropping them off, he walked around himself. Every where he walked he noticed amazing things happening. He writes: “The men were gathered around still looking at the pictures and had their CD player out listening to the music. I saw a similar image all over.”

Afghans received a blessing. Please pray that these gifts given in love will bear much fruit. Please praise God for friends willing to come in order to be a blessing to others.

If you want to be a vital part of those both giving and receiving these gifts, consider taking a virtual prayerwalk and praying with meaning and vision for those sowing seed and for fertile ground. Pray also for those who will come along and water the seed.

Virtual Prayerwalk videos

The Greatest Gift

Lady of Prayer

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