Today, I read the following article in the Irish Times: School Girl Will Not Be Deported to Afghanistan. It is an interesting article about Afghan families abroad. In this case, this student lives and studies in the Netherlands. Sahar Hbrahimgel is in a pre-university track hoping to study medicine. According to the article, written by Peter Cluskey, “Sahar received the news that she and her family will be allowed to stay in the Netherlands – a landmark decision which will have implications for hundreds of asylum-seeking families whose children have been raised and educated here.”

The biggest issue raised in this case concerned the westernization of Afghan girls and the danger this puts them in when returning to Afghanistan. Their appearance (even if wearing a headscarf), what they say and how they say it, the way they walk and behave, all of these make them stand out as being foreign.

Please pray for Afghans living abroad. Pray for their safety and education. Pray for their well-being. Ask God to guide them into all truth. Praise God that Sahar was not deported. Pray for others in her situation who may end up deported from the countries they are living in.

Finally, pray that one day Afghanistan will be a safe place for Afghan families to return, be reunited with loved ones and favorite places, and be a place they can take their education and skills to pass on to the next generation.

[Note: For another article about 14 year old Sahar, including a photo of her, click here.]

-Lady of Prayer

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