Worst Place to be a Mom

I just read an article titled “Studies Show Afghanistan Worst Place for Mothers.”  The article shares that the life expectancy for women in Afghanistan is the lowest in the world at 45. Many women die in childbirth.

Another article I read recently “Beyond Flowers for Mom” suggests giving your mom a Mother’s Day gift that helps other mothers in lieu of giving her flowers. This article mentions a midwife program in Afghanistan run by Save the Children.

Finally, June Lucas tells how Baptist Global Response helps Afghan women launch independent businesses. BGR also helps Afghan refugees.

Please pray for Afghan women. Consider giving your mom a gift that will help Afghan moms live longer, care well for their children, and have an opportunity to hear of the love of Jesus. If you are friends with an Afghan woman, and she has access to the internet, share with her the link AfghanWoman.net.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lady of Prayer

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