Afghans in the United Kingdom

Today, please join me in praying for Afghans living in the United Kingdom.

the ICAR population guide link below, there is a downloadable PDF you can click on to access census records for those born in Afghanistan but residing in the UK between 2001 and 2009. In 2001 and 2009 most of these Afghans resided in London. According to this guide in 2008/09 the population estimate for Afghanistan born Afghans was 56,000.  (downloadable PDF on this link)

Wikipedia’s Pashtun Diaspora page lists the tops countries for Pashtun Afghan population living abroad. Pashtuns living outside of Pakistan and Afghanistan are ranked as follows: UAE, Iran, UK, Germany, France, Canada, India, and States. According to Wikipedia’s research, 100,000 Pashtuns live in the UK. This site does not differentiate between those living there who were born there versus those born in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or other countries.

On Wikipedia’s Hazara page, it lists the number of the Afghan people group Hazara by country. After Afghanistan, the most populous locations of Hazara are as follows: Iran, Pakistan, Canada, UK, Australia, and Turkey. Wikipedia lists the UK population of Hazara as 54,000.

In 2010, the Afghan Council in the UK hosted a conference in London. On their website you can view videos of 4 young Afghans living in London speaking on the future of Afghanistan.

In 2006, the BBC News discussed efforts being made to help Afghans who wanted to return to Afghanistan.

Please pray that Afghans living in the United Kingdom will have an opportunity to hear the truth about God’s love for them, and about the place that Jesus is preparing for those who will follow Him.

Please pray for their education and safety, as well as for the well-being of their loved ones back in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or other nations.

Pray for those who are willing to share God’s love and Good News with the Afghans living in the UK.

[Note: You may also be interested in an earlier post on Afghans in London–  or in viewing this video on Afghans living abroad — From Ruins to Redemption.]

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