Afghan Culture around WordPress

Rather than spotlighting Afghans living in a particular country today, I thought I’d do a search on WordPress for interesting blogs and blog posts about Afghan culture. Some of these I have shared before and some I just stumbled upon today for the first time. I’m including the links below as you might be interested. (a post about Hazara refugees from Afghanistan) (a blog with pictures, music, and videos in Afghan languages) (a blog by a British born Pashtun) (a post about Pashto culture written by a man in Islamabad) (an Afghan blog with videos) (a beautiful blog done by a Pashtun lady in the UK) (a photo journalist blog—Steve is famous for his photo of a young Afghan girl) (lovely pictures and information about Pashtun embroidery and culture) (a post about Afghan people written by a native of Pakistan living in the US)

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