Afghans of Kuwait

Please join me today in praying for the Afghans residing and working in Kuwait. Many sites list the hundreds of thousands of Afghans (particularly Pashtuns) living in the Middle East in countries such as Kuwait.

A couple of months ago, the Kuwait government put a ban in place prohibiting Afghans and Pakistanis from obtaining visas to Kuwait, due to the unrest in their lands. This caused concern for families wishing to have family members brought over to join them either permanently or for visits. In recent news, it appears that the ban may be lifted at the end of June.

Please pray for families faced with leaving Kuwait. Please pray for family members who are unable to join their families in Kuwait. Mostly, pray that Afghans living in Kuwait will have an opportunity to hear the good news about God’s love for them and His plan and purpose for their lives.

The Joshua Project website offers some information about Afghans living in Kuwait:

A group of believers who focus on Kuwait have a blog about praying for the Kuwait Community. On their blog, they pray specifically for the Pashtuns.

Thanks for joining me today in lifting up the Afghans living in Kuwait.

Here are some virtual prayer-walk videos around the middle east.

Lady of Prayer

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