Celebrating Ramadan 2011

mosque, Ramadan, RamazanThis is the first year in many years that I have actually been in the US during the month of Ramadan. This was the first year in a decade that Ramadan came and I was not exactly 100% sure that it had started. This is the first Ramadan in ages that I have not had weekly, daily, hourly reminders of it being Ramadan.

In previous places I have lived, no one–not even non-Muslims–could eat or drink in public during the month of Ramadan (not on the street, not in a park, not in a restaurant). Even supermarkets did not allow customers to sample deli meats and cheeses during the month of Ramadan (from sun up to sun down).

This time being in the US during Ramadan has caused me to reflect on two things:

1) How easy it is to not understand what is going on in the lives of those who are fasting during Ramadan. How easy it is to forget what it is like. How easy it is to not remember to pray for those who are fasting and seeking God during this time.

2) How difficult it must be for Muslims who fast during Ramadan in countries like the US where they have to get up and go to work or college and be around others who are eating and drinking all the time. Where coming in late may not be an option (as it would be in countries they came from).

Please join me in praying for Muslims in your neighborhood, office, school, etc. Pray that they would truly encounter the living God during this month of fasting and seeking a word from God. Ask your Muslim friends and co-workers if they are fasting and what challenges they face right now. Offer to pray for them.

Choose a day (maybe the day leading up to the night of power) to fast from sun up to sun down…remembering to pray every time you feel hungry.

Join others in praying for 30 days for the Muslim world.

View a short video to encourage you to pray for and love Afghans abroad.

–Lady of Prayer

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