Underneath This I’m A lot Like You

friends, muslim friends, muslim greeting, friends holding handsLady in Prayer: What do Muslim women want non-Muslim women to know about them?

ZM (a Muslim Background Believer): Many Muslim women want you to know that they are a lot like you. They love to laugh, have fun, spend time with their family, shop for new clothes, put on make-up, talk about friendships and relationships, be accepted and appreciated for who they are.

Lady in Prayer: What is a good way for a non-Muslim woman to get to know and befriend her Muslim neighbor?covered woman, muslim woman, woman in burka

ZM: Smile and be friendly. Treat her like she exists and matters. Don’t look down on her for being (or dressing) different. Care about her. Don’t be afraid to share your faith with her. Be open to her questions. Ask her questions about her faith.


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