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Pakistan, AfghanistanMany of you may have seen the recent news about the attacks at the airport (and near the airport) in Karachi, Pakistan. If you haven’t, here is a link to an article where you can learn more:

Please join us in praying for our many Pakistani, Afghani, Balochi, and expat friends who live in Pakistan.

Pray for the grieving to find comfort and peace from the Lord God.

Pray for the freedom of worship and the freedom to raise a family in peace and safety.

Pray that those responsible for these terrorist attacks will be caught and held responsible for their crimes against the people.

And remember, even though there are terrorists and persecutors in the world, we are called by God to pray for and love those who persecute us. Just think, even Paul was once a terrorist! Learn more about loving Muslims:

Thank you!

–Lady of Prayer

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