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Talk about Faith – Our Differences part 4

Now it is time to talk about differences in your faith, not for the sake of argument or debate but for the sake of airing common differences you know that exist and understanding the truth of God.

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Afghan Culture around WordPress

Rather than spotlighting Afghans living in a particular country today, I thought I’d do a search on WordPress for interesting blogs and blog posts about Afghan culture. Some of these I have shared before and some I just stumbled upon today for the first time. I’m including the links below as you might be interested.…

What Women’s Hands Hold

Today, in many countries in Eastern Europe and in Asia, International Women’s Day is celebrated. Yet, at the same time, in many countries women are still being oppressed, abused, not respected, not loved. As you think about the women in your life (grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, friends) pray for Afghan women both in Afghanistan…