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People to Love

Is your church or Bible Study group seeking to Adopt, Embrace, or Focus on a specific people group? Are you an individual or family interested in learning how to reach out and love Muslims and be the neighbor Jesus teaches us to be? Consider Afghan people groups…

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Chasing Hope

Ever wonder if your prayers for unreached peoples are heard? Ever wonder if placing a movie in the hands of someone who needs to hear about Jesus makes a difference?

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Afghan Culture around WordPress

Rather than spotlighting Afghans living in a particular country today, I thought I’d do a search on WordPress for interesting blogs and blog posts about Afghan culture. Some of these I have shared before and some I just stumbled upon today for the first time. I’m including the links below as you might be interested.…

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Afghan Refugees

This is a very moving story about a young Hazara man who fled from Afghanistan to seek asylum in Australia, who wants to be reunited with his family. And this story is also a good one to read to learn about the numbers of refugees fleeing from Afghanistan to safer, more stable environments:…