Scattered Yet Strengthened

Expat Christian business men and women and aid workers from various backgrounds have left Afghanistan and Pakistan after living there many years to work with and reach out to Afghans living abroad in countries around the world

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Champ of the Camp

A Community within a community. I saw this posted recently on another blog and knew I must share it with you. Please watch this short well-done 3 minute trailer and pray for the laborers. The official trailer on Youtube of Champ of the Camp, a documentary telling the untold story of laborers living in the…

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Corrected Video Links

We just discovered that several of our video links got messed up somewhere along the way and ended up pointing to the same video. We have corrected the problem and invite you to please check out our videos and sound bites. There are people group profile videos for the Pashtun, Hazara, and Baluch peoples. There…

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Afghan Boys Having Fun

Like most children around the world, Afghan boys enjoy hanging out with their friends, playing soccer and other games, having fun. Many Afghan children are separated from their fathers, either because of death (due to the many years of war) or because their fathers have gone abroad to find work in order to send money…