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Values: Redeeming the Time

After finding out about each others’ families, discussing values is a great direction to go. Family values, modesty, the sanctity of life, honesty, honor, integrity, the heart vs. the outward appearance, submission, humility, and compassion provide plenty of different ways you and your new muslim friend can begin to get to know one another.

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Afghan Culture around WordPress

Rather than spotlighting Afghans living in a particular country today, I thought I’d do a search on WordPress for interesting blogs and blog posts about Afghan culture. Some of these I have shared before and some I just stumbled upon today for the first time. I’m including the links below as you might be interested.…


Today, I read the following article in the Irish Times: School Girl Will Not Be Deported to Afghanistan. It is an interesting article about Afghan families abroad. In this case, this student lives and studies in the Netherlands. Sahar Hbrahimgel is in a pre-university track hoping to study medicine. According to the article, written by…

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Afghan Refugees

This is a very moving story about a young Hazara man who fled from Afghanistan to seek asylum in Australia, who wants to be reunited with his family. And this story is also a good one to read to learn about the numbers of refugees fleeing from Afghanistan to safer, more stable environments:…