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Hard to Imagine

Look at that person. Yeah . . . the one across the office from you . . . or down the street . . . or at the gas station . . . or grocery store. Now, imagine standing next to that person when this life is over. Yeah. God invites you into His kingdom.…

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Underneath This I’m A lot Like You

What do Muslim women want non-Muslim women to know about them? Many Muslim women want you to know that they are a lot like you. They love to laugh, have fun, spend time with their family, shop for new clothes, put on make-up, talk about friendships and relationships, be accepted and appreciated for who they are.

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Remember These 3 Things

You have opened up your heart and home. You have shown hospitality and genuine friendship to a Muslim man or woman who has become a friend. The two of you have talked about family, common interests, and about similarities and differences in your faith. Because you both now care about each other, it is only natural that one or both of you might want to convince or convert the other one to your belief. But please remember these three things:

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Talk about Faith — Part 1

You have talked with your friend about family and values, yet deep in your heart and soul you wonder when it will be the right time to discuss the things closest to your heart, your reads Koran, reading Quran, man in mosque, Muslim man

This is often an uncomfortable or awkward subject in many Western Cultures, not so in the culture of most Muslims! It is commonplace to talk about faith in everyday conversation.

Revealer of Dreams

During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims seek to draw closer to God and do penance for their sins of the last year. It is a time when they are seeking to know the truth and find favor with God. Please pray each day until it’s conclusion that they will discover the truth about Isa…

Broken Locks

For many Muslims, their faith binds them. They are locked in by the beliefs that traditions and rituals will restore them before God’s eyes. When they do come to believe in salvation through Christ alone, it is a liberating experience. One muslim young man from North Pakistan shared his story of recently coming to faith…