afghan man, afghan in wheelbarrow, afghan market

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

This Afghan man may not have a lot, but he has his wheelbarrow and a place to sit. Pray for Afghans living abroad as they provide for their families back in Afghanistan. Pray for those seeking Truth and Peace. Pray for those helping Afghans in Afghanistan and abroad for their safety and health.   Click…

muslim women, covered ladies, muslim dinner

Remember These 3 Things

You have opened up your heart and home. You have shown hospitality and genuine friendship to a Muslim man or woman who has become a friend. The two of you have talked about family, common interests, and about similarities and differences in your faith. Because you both now care about each other, it is only natural that one or both of you might want to convince or convert the other one to your belief. But please remember these three things:

muslim women, covered women, abaya, women in abayas, woman carrying on head

Who is Oppressed?

Today I viewed a comic strip on another WordPress blog that really gives us a lesson in perspective. Are the ladies in the photo below oppressed? Check out the comic strip on Pink’s blog and let me know your thoughts, click here to view the comic. Oppression takes place among families in every culture…it just…

Afghans in America

Today, please pray for Afghans living in America. Here is an excellent article on the history of Afghan-Americans: In this article, you can read about the history of Afghans settling in America, where they have settled, cuisine, costumes, holidays, health issues, politics, language, and much more. The author, Tim Eigo, lists some of the…