Talk About Faith–Prayer

You may be surprised that many Muslims think Christians do not pray because our way of prayer is so different.

Muslim prayer is usually very public, performed at a Masjid (Mosque) or an outdoor prayer place 5 times a day.

Christian prayer is often done silently, in private places, while we are driving, before we sleep, and in many other unseen places where a Muslim could easily assume we are not praying unless they get to know us.

Islamic prayer is very prescriptive: usually 5 memorized prayers, recited at 5 designated times daily in Arabic even when it is not a language the person speaks, and repeated every day according to a prayer schedule based on the time of sunrise/sunset.

Christian prayer is often very personalized at any time day or night, individually or in a group. If the opportunity presents itself, offer to pray with your Muslim friend for something personal like a personal need/difficulty,  their friend or family, an illness, before your meal together, etc.  I do not remember a time when a Muslim friend rejected my offer to pray with them and they usually really appreciate and respect our doing so.  We have often had many conversations open up over the way we pray to God about our personal requests for our friends and family. They are amazed when we pray in Jesus name and God heals someone or delivers someone from some kind of spiritual oppression.

If you have the blessing of being invited into the home of your Muslim friend, pray a blessing over their household before you leave; they will love you for it!

Now, go talk about prayer and see how much you learn, these are just the basics to get you started.

–The Storyteller


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